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Escape isn't worlds away. It's all around.

Whitewater rafting, mountain hiking, beachside biking, Georgia Grown trails, homegrown music & art festivals, signature breweries and wineries, local shops and boutiques, history and hospitality...there's so much to experience in the Peach State. Keep Georgia on your mind as you plan your next trip!

When you’re ready to travel again, Georgia will be ready and waiting for you. Until then, we've created a digital oasis where you can get lost in the beauty of our state, learn a little, and play. Stay safe and let's Explore Georgia from Home.

From the cascading waterfalls in the North Georgia mountains to the undeveloped beaches on the coast, plan your next trip with these guides to the best things to see and do this year.

Capture your favorite scenes from movies and television shows filmed in Georgia with these tips on where to go and how to get the perfect shot.

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